The UHF TETRA Radio System provide radio communications between all radio users within the radio coverage area. The radio coverage area includes areas where personnel can be expected to be present at any time, including radio coverage along all the flow-line and pipeline routes and associated facilities.

TASHKOO engineers have the experience and knowledge to design a custom made TETRA network solution based on project specific requirements, TASHKOO designed systems provide reliable and efficient communications to meet the needs of different projects. a Stability, Reliability and Flexibility are the key features of the TETRA networks designed by TASHKOO engineers.

TASHKOO can offer both TETRA Base Stations and radio terminal equipment (i.e. desktop radios, vehicular radios and handheld radios). A site survey, propagation study and coverage calculations will be conducted (if needed) prior to any estimation on the number and locations of base stations (normally inter linked on the Ethernet/TCP-IP backbone network) and systems parameters such as height and gain of the required antennas. To ensure that the System will provide the radio coverage specified studies will be provided supported by field surveys, calculations and coverage tests to prove that there will be adequate radio coverage between handheld radios at all locations, including within buildings/ shelters/enclosures. A radio signal coverage map will be produced showing the resulting radio coverage from each individual radio base station showing the coverage area that is available for each type of field unit such as desktop, vehicular and handheld radio.